View Full Version : Asus G53sx Black screen need schematics/blueprints

05-03-2014, 07:50 PM
I have a black screen problem, yet its not the usual one.

I should explain the backstory My power adapter connection was bugging out i kept putting up with it till it did not take power at all from the cable, after asking for quotes in various places i got answers from we dont do that, to it'll be around $200 dollars.

I have some soldering experience but not on anything as delicate as a laptop motherboard so I ordered the part and did it myself, the solder job came out really well if i do say so myself. no cold joints and no excess solder. When i fired up the computer a large spark came from near the video cable on the board. Somehow the resistor(i'm assuming thats what it is) blew It was a red hot piece of metal so i picked it up, burned myself, and placed it on the table so it wouldnt damage the board. Double checked the solder job and made sure i didnt have something causing a short there was nothing i could find.

In short now my lcd wont light up, i know it works because if you shine a bright light into the lcd you can see the screen so its just the backlight. I ordered a new lcd thinking that was it, installed the new lcd and it has the same problem. Both the vga output and HDMI output work.

I know that this laptop can control the backlight on and off with the keyboard, is it possible with the resistor blown its stuck on backlight off? Which is why i was wondering if anyone had the schematic or layout of the motherboard so i could order another resistor and replace it.

I'll upload a picture of the motherboard as soon as i find my camera.

05-03-2014, 10:16 PM
Seeing that laptop works after accident make me think your solder job on dc input was good but somehow you either missed small smelted solder and shortcutted that part near the lvds connector causing it to explode :mad:
That said idont have schematic but it would help with picture of that damged sorunding and maybe closeup of same part but on undamaged board so I can check if it match part on my spare (for parts) g73sw motherboard. I could send you that part for free if it matches or you could simply buy (as is/for parts) g53sx motherboard on ebay and replace part.