View Full Version : G73SW SSD performance not SATA 3. Not help

10-06-2011, 05:57 PM

I currently have the best buy model G73SW.

I recently purchased a Corsair Force Series 3 120gb SSD. Have gone through about 3 different fresh installs. My drive seems to be performing only at SATA 2 speeds, 200 read 100 write according to AS SSD. I have tried the Intel RST drivers first, but from reading the forums that is not the best option for this drive. Formatted and reinstalled windows 7 and have been using the default MS ACHI drivers. Still only SATA 2 speeds.. also switched to the Intel Series 6 drivers and same performance. Bios is set to AHCI, i have tried the SSD in both bays. Cant seem to figure this out. HWinfo32 shows that the motherboard and SSD are capable of SATA 3 speeds. I have the most recent FW 1.32 for the drive. Besides the speed issues, everything else seems to be working perfectly, no BSOD, lockups, etc. Would just like to figure out how to get the correct speeds. Hopefully you guys can be of some help. Thanks


10-07-2011, 10:24 PM
Throw the system into High Performance, and use Throttlestop to disable the C-States