View Full Version : [REQ]G74Sx Original Bios (201)

05-04-2014, 09:48 PM
Hi, I enabled 'cpu flex ratio' on this modded bios I got to get turbo in mac os x. Anyway I was trying to sort out this throttling issue on certain games.

Now my G74Sx doesn't POST and just power cycles every 3-4 seconds on AC and just shuts down after 3-4 seconds on battery. I'm guessing the bios is intact as it powers on, and powers off after holding power for 4 seconds (with ram out, to prevent it shutting down).

I've heard that having the original 201 bios (G74Sx.BIN) on the root folder of 'C:\' and pressing CTRL+HOME and Power it will attampt to blind flash from there.

Would someone be kind enough to PM me with the bios?

I have a bus pirate and soic8 clip coming in the post this will fix this problem for me won't it.

Thanks in Advance!!


P.S i'm not entirely sure if this should be here, apologies in advance if I have given a moderator the hassle of moving this.


I used an spi interface in the end and I now have a working laptop again. Albeit the keyboard back lights no longer works.