View Full Version : Backlight issue leads to brand-switching.

05-10-2014, 04:35 AM
Notebook is G75VW

I rma'd my notebook a long while back for an AC power issue that was fixed; it came back with no backlight for the keyboard anymore; Opened it; confirmed connections, no reason for backlight to have a problem.

Due to RMA centre causing the problem, I have zero faith in them from this point on. So I ordered a replacement keyboard. installed it (you guys use too many screws by the way. no keyboard replacement needs to be as complicated as you make it. Reconnected all cables correctly, keyboard works fine, everything works fine; still no backlight.

Did a full tear down, and I mean a FULL tear down; confirmed all connections as I put the system back together. confirmed everything works; Still no backlight. All connections are in correctly and secure.

Backlight does not even turn on during post. BIOS has no reference to a backlight; it was upgraded during the RMA, I thought it had backlight settings in the bios before.

Where is my backlight, should there be an option in the BIOS for it? Why is it missing.

REinstalled the ATK so many times i've lost count and that's control software so that would never have been the issue anyway.

It has to be hardware or BIOS because it does not turn on at POST, and it should flash on even briefly during that process but it doesn't.

Will not RMA as they caused the problem and cannot be trusted to do the job properly or efficiently (laptop being gone for a month isn't acceptable.)

If there is not a method for me to get it working by myself then I will leave it (because the system works other than that) but I will go with a different brand next time. I'll still use other ASUS products, just not notebook computers. They computers are great but when I send my system in for warranty repair I expect a warranty repair; not swapping one problem for another.

TL:DR; my keyboard backlight doesn't work. everything is plugged in where it should be, ATK was reinstalled repeatedly. there are no keyboard backlight options in the bios when I do believe there was an on/off option for it in there before. What is my self-serve option to fix it; should I try to re-flash my bios? can I downgrade my bios? I there is an option I will try it, but I will not RMA.

Myk SilentShadow
05-10-2014, 06:10 AM
Did you notice a fuse on the keyboard circuit board? i'd imagine there should be one and if there is, i'd check to see if it's blown and replace.