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05-11-2014, 10:25 AM
In this guide I will show you how to increase your screen refresh rate from 60Hz up to 80Hz at a native 1080p resolution. I've tried this on a G55VW and managed to make my display refresh at 80Hz, which is 1/3 times better than the stock clock of the built in monitor.
Just to note, since this was done using the Nvidia Control Panel, it should be applicable to a wide variety of hardware, but depending of the vendors and quality of materials of the hardware, the +20Hz I got may not be achievable to everyone.

Step 1:

Right-click on your Desktop, open the Nvidia Control Panel and navigate to the "Adjust desktop size and position" menu.
Then click on the "Override the scaling mode set by games and programs" checkbox and apply the changes.

Step 2:

Navigate to the "Change resolution" menu and click the "Customize..." button at the bottom.

Step 3:

On the window that just opened for you, click the "Enable resolutions not exposed by the display" check box, and click on the "Create Custom Resolution..." button.

Step 4:

Enter the value 80 (in my case) in the "Refresh rate (Hz):" field. And then click the "Test" button.

Step 5:

Now here is when you understand if it will work. If it works, your display will flash and it will turn back on with the following message:

If it doesn't work, your display will stay dark. But don't worry, it will revert back the old settings after 20 seconds and it will turn on again. For it to work you have to experiment and see what Hz is your monitor is capable of displaying.

Step 6:

Once everything is done, click the "OK" button and the custom profile will be saved.

Step 7:

Head back to the "Change resolution" menu in the Nvidia Control Panel, click on the newly created profile and hit "Apply".

Now to test it if it all works

Find some place on your screen with a dark background, start moving your mouse and follow it with your eyes. Do this with both profiles, the 60Hz one and the 80Hz one (or in your case whatever you have for the custom profile).
You should see that the mouse pointer is less blurry, when moving it around, when the display is set to output 80Hz (or in this case whatever you have set it to).

05-12-2014, 11:53 AM
I was messing around with EVGA Precision and saw a refresh rate setting, I didn't mess with it though. Am I able to set the refresh rate higher than the default 60fps with a G75VW-BBK5? And if I can will there be any negative side affects (I assume it will take a bit more power since more information is being sent to the display) .

05-16-2014, 09:36 AM
Once I tried to use the EVGA Precision tool for that purpose, but it didn't work for some reason, but it works with the nvidia control panel. The G75VW should be to achieve the same results as the G55, maybe even a bit higher, depending on the display. I dont know what the 3D version of the display is capable, the people that have it should experiment for themselves to find the sweet spot. Otherwise I don't think that more power is drawn by increasing the Hz of the monitor, and even if it is, I doubt it is of any significance.

05-26-2014, 02:06 AM
I got mine to 62Hz.

It's something :)

06-04-2014, 05:24 AM
what are the side affects of doing this? Will this wear my display out faster or mess it up in any kind of way? Is it ok to do this to your monitor I really want to destroy my monitor but I would love to see the benefits to this.

06-04-2014, 09:09 AM
Been running it for half a month now and haven't noticed any issues. Neither have I read in the internet about any negative effects.

06-05-2014, 10:18 PM
Got mine to 72 Hz. Great refresh rate for videos!

06-06-2014, 03:48 PM
Yeah I was only able to get mine to 72hz also havnt really noticed any difference in the display yet its already clear but I havent tried anything on it yet to notice the difference what would be a good thing to do to notice a difference any one have any suggestions

06-07-2014, 08:46 AM
I've got G750JZ with Chi Mei panel, az this option is disabled in the NVidia control panel :(

06-08-2017, 07:02 PM
My G55VW's screen didn't really support anything but 60 Hz. Oh well! Thanks anyway!