View Full Version : Corner of screen changing color

05-20-2014, 02:42 AM
This is the first gaming laptop i have ever bought (G750jm)(Newegg), it seems pretty solid. I like it a lot it can run all my games that i want to play on high. I have one complaint/problem with this laptop. I was playing shogun 2 total war earlier today and the top right hand corner of my screen started changing colors. It was like a square was made in that corner and it started going green, red, and purple, and other colors. I stopped playing the game and played a little sim city and it was fine while running. I played shogun 2 some more today just finished to see if the problem was still there it seems like its gone. But is this potentially a problem and is it the screen or gpu?
i love it was going to build a desktop but this is easier for me because of college.