View Full Version : ROG Front Panel Compatability

05-21-2014, 10:14 PM
HI, Im about to build a new i7 Rig once the i4790k is relased. Ill be using the ROG MAXIMUM VII HERO. I wanted to purchase the ROG front panel but needs some advice.

The panel allows you to control all your fans including CPU etc through the ROG_EXT cable, whilst they are connected to your normal M/B Fan headers.

I was wanting to buy the Corsair H100i Radiator for this build but is this going to be compatible? Normally you plug all your fans into the H100i to be able to use the corsair link software and control the fans and pump speeds etc from your desktop.

However, if i use the ROG Panel am i better plugging the fans into the motherboard and letting the ROG panel do the adjustments of the fans. Not the pumps speeds obviously, they will still be controlled via the link software?

Id just like your ideas on this because the ROG front panel is asthetically beautiful!!

I only have room to use the H100 in push config with 2 Corsair SP120's as im using a CM HAF XB Case and a ASUS R290x GPU which is huge and doesn't leave any further room to go with a push/pull config either side of the rad. The rear of the case will have a further 120mm SP120.

So, ill have 3 fans to control in total.. Use the corsair H100i to control all, or the ROG Front Panel

HELP!! I cant decide!

Cheers Guys