View Full Version : Help factory reseting a G750JW from an SSD upgrade

05-25-2014, 03:36 PM
Like others, I swapped in an SSD in my G750 but I also upgraded from Windows 8 to 8 Pro (I had an extra key lying around). This left it in a really weird state where Windows is there, but none of the recovery options work. And I would be okay with that, but now I can't get Windows 8.1 Update 1 installed. It keeps failing, and the manual solutions don't work. Aside from that, I wanted to refresh it anyway since for some reason, it doesn't shut down unless I give it a "shutdown -s" command.

In any case, I still have my recovery partition, but Windows isn't liking it. In the recovery environment, which I have to run through an install disk or similar because the recovery environment doesn't seem to exist on the OS install, it doesn't see the partition. I'm wondering if there's some other way I can still use this, like if I could muck with bcdedit or something. I copied the partition using a copying tool, EASUS Partition Wizard or something, which has worked in the past for me when disk cloning.

Or if ASUS has a recovery DVD, I'd like one of those as well :D

05-27-2014, 09:23 PM
If you haven't tried it, use ASUS Backtracker mentioned in the thread below to try to back up your ASUS recovery partition and hopefully reinstall it if you aren't worried about erasing everything.

If your original hard drive still has the original ASUS Windows image, it's probably better to run ASUS Backtracker on that drive, otherwise you might still want to try it with your SSD to see if it can save and restore a good image.

Not sure if there will be any problems to transfer that original ASUS Windows image to your SSD drive though (since the recovery environment doesn't seem to be working?) which we might want to discuss more with others if necessary (unfortunately, not something I usually get involved with). You may also want to look into a clean install of Win8 if necessary, but be sure to back up the original ASUS factory image in case you want it back.

Doesn't sound like the ASUS U.S. eStore site is selling any Win8 Recovery disks (only Win7 Recovery disks for the Win7 notebooks are available), so this will not be an option.