View Full Version : Cleaning? (Both Fans and Surface)

05-26-2014, 03:32 AM
So, as somebody who's still on the fence about which gaming laptop to buy, I thought I'd ask about one of my bigger concerns with the G750 series. Cleaning the fans for dust seems like one of the tasks a laptop owner will need to do relatively frequently (every few months or so). I've seen videos showing how you'll need to unscrew a bunch of screws and pop off the keyboard to reveal the fans. Is there any easier way of cleaning dust, or does it require that much disassembly? Also, is that sufficient enough, or does one need to start unscrewing the motherboard and getting to the underside where the copper heat pipes are revealed to truly clean the fan? (Has anybody ever tried taping filters around the intakes?)

A semi-related question was asking owners how they felt about the rubberized coating/brushed aluminum. I hear that both of those surfaces can be a real magnet for dust and fingerprints and be difficult to clean, is that true? I think the rubberized coating might be what's on my Alienware m14x r2, and I kind of hate it since my palms seem to leave a slightly shiny spot after periods of extended use(my palms aren't particularly oily). I'm half-considering ordering an Asus G750JM from XoticPC with the carbon fiber textured wrap...

05-26-2014, 03:46 AM
...you'll need to unscrew a bunch of screws and pop off the keyboard to reveal the fans...
...while losing your warranty at the same time :(
yes, you cant clean the fans apart from blowing them through with compressed air or something.
and the aluminium surface does leave prints but at least you can clean it properly (unlike a plastic surface)

the outside ruberrized looks and feels nice. very grippy when taking it out of my carry bag, which i good as its really heavy.
(my last acer 17" laptop was shiny outside and was a worry when gettting it out of a rucksac)
but it is also a fingerprint magnet. a wipe with a damp cloth cleans it easy enough.
i would check the feel of the carbon fibre wrap. if its shiny/slippery i would give it a miss.

overall, i think its as good as can be for mass produced laptop (my 2c)