View Full Version : G75v Unexpected Power Off and Delay to Power On PLEASE HELP

06-02-2014, 07:20 PM
Hi all

I hope you can help me here. I have an ASUS G75V orginal from from the factory, bought it in September 2012.

I have this problem that it shuts down suddenly and it dont start again for several hours. Bu if I wait for some time it and I try to start it again, it powers back-up again. Then it can work for several days, and suddenly the same problem occurs.

It is no pattern what so ever. It can happen when doing anything.

The light to the left side is lit, and also the led light for the battery but is sometimes red and sometimes green.

I have had it once on repair, and they basically replaced almost all of the major compons execpt for motherboard. There is still time on the warranty so of course I could just ship it to them, but they are not very fast....

06-03-2014, 09:04 PM

Sorry for the delay, but unfortunately, there probably is not a quick and easy answer for this.

Since you are still under warranty, you probably do not want try anything that will risk the warranty, but if you haven't talked to your local support and service center, you may want to let them know that there are still problems and see if they want to replace something else that was not changed last time.
If you know what was replaced, feel free to let us know to offer more opinions.

Otherwise, if you want to continue general troubleshooting, I can give you more ideas too, but something you can probably try with your local support too if you prefer.

If you can figure out a way to cause the problem that your local repair center can catch, it should help them find a solution when they get the unit, so that is another thing to work on if you are not able to solve it on your end.