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06-10-2014, 04:08 AM
Hey guys, this may be a bit off topic, but if you are like me and missed the Spike All Access Live E3 coverage today - Spike has all 11+ hours streaming online.


Between segments it blacks out occasionally - so be patient - the video does continue - at 33 minutes myself right now, and the slider shows 11:16:34 total time.

Xbox E3 starts at 0:46:00...

EA E3 starts at 3:15:00...

Oculus VR starts at 4:30:00... segment says more Oculus VR coverage to come...

Hideo Kajima starts at 5:39:00...

Ubisoft E3 starts at 6:14:00...

Playful Corp, Paul Bettner's Lucky's Tale for Oculus Rift - starts at 7:40:00...

Steambox starts at 8:50:00 Alienware... is Asus doing a Steambox?

Sony E3 starts at 9:17:00

Lots of little pieces of new game tech sprinkled throughout, please post the time code for anything you find interesting, 11+ hours is too much time to cover :)

06-10-2014, 09:47 PM
wow nice!

Thanks for the link

06-11-2014, 01:25 AM
wow nice!
Thanks for the link

It looks like Spike only did coverage for the pre-show press conferences, I haven't seen anything else from Spike new for today...

I had to switch over to GameSpot for the Nintendo announcement this morning, and Gamespot also have the other press conferences on playback from yesterday.

But, the between press conference coverage from Spike is awesome, and still up for viewing via the link in my first post.

The Gamespot coverage is Live only so far, I don't see a way to play it all back yet...

Gamespot E3 main page

Here are the Gamespot schedule, Samsung Stage, Gamespot Stage, and Gamespot Live Cam pages from today, Day 1.

Gamespot E3 schedule - Select Day One, Two, Three for all the event URL's

Gamespot E3 Samsung Stage Day One

Gamespot E3 Gamespot Stage Day One

Gamespot E3 Live Cam Day One

The Live streams are still going as I am posting this, but maybe after they complete the footage will be up from the whole day for viewing...

Gamespot play back coverage, in several sections:

Anyone have any links for additional E3 Coverage you like?

06-12-2014, 08:05 AM
PC Game releases Announced at E3, from GameSpot

Assassin's Creed Unity -- October 28, 2014
Battlefield Hardline -- October 21, 2014
Battlefield Hardline beta -- already available
Dead Island 2 -- spring 2015
FIFA 15 -- September 23, 2014
Grand Theft Auto V -- fall 2014
Ori and the Blind Forest -- fall 2014
Rainbow Six Siege -- 2015
Rise of the Tomb Raider -- holiday 2015
The Crew -- November 11, 2014
The Crew beta -- July 23, 2014
The Sims 4 -- September 2, 2014

E3 2014: PC Game News

E3 2014: Every Video Game Release Date Announcement