View Full Version : Kubuntu 14.04 on G750 keyboard\fan issue

06-11-2014, 01:54 PM
I just did a clean instal of Kubuntu 14.04 due to a growing keyboard issue (Dropped Keys, Keys running on, etc.). Well I have the same issue after the fresh install. I've ordered a new replacement keyboard (just incase) but I am wondering if this is an over heating issue. I notice the system fans stay at a constant low RPM and never very in speed. Ocationaly when you turn on the laptop the system fans go to full speed requireing a shut down and cold boot. So the questions are:

Does anyone know of any issues with the G750 system fans running Kubuntu\Ubuntu?

Are there any Ubuntu solutions to better control the fans?

Thoughts on the Keyboard issue (Heat or driver\software)?

Thanks in advance