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06-14-2014, 11:09 PM
Asus G53JW-3DE Laptop Modification Upgrade
Hello all, my latest project is an Asus G53JW-3DE. (Specs: i7 740QM, GTX 460M, 6GB Ram)

This is an Asus Laptop Modification. I build PC Rigs mainly aimed at gaming for a living, and I revamp laptops as a hobby, mainly Asus & Sager. I do this because my father owns a shop and I have access to cheaper parts and I enjoy it.

My question goes to anyone that has any tips, knowledge, or who has done a similar project or worked on this machine and who can verify my claims.

The laptop in question is a Gen. 1, so the highest CPU I can go is a 940XM, which has the multipliers unlocked. (Is Throttlestop the best software to overclock?) (Main concern is on some models the CPU is soldered into the motherboard, If anyone can provide confirmation that this is not true for this machine, I am 99% sure this is not the case.)

I am also installing 16 GB DDR3 Ram, it has been confirmed to the best of my knowledge the laptop will recognize it.

The last thing I would like to do (I did this previously with an Asus G50VT-X5 with success), the current graphics card is a GTX 460M. I am looking for a step up from possibly another Asus or Alien-ware laptop to 2-2.5 GB. I of course am going to replace the screen, I would love to find a graphics card that can handle 1920x1080 with 3D capability, but the 3D is optional, same goes with if I can only find something that will handle the current resolution of 1366x768, 3D 120 Htz. I am building a custom heat-sink with heavy duty fans just as I did with the completed G50VT, and that laptop ran cooler than expected.

Any and all comments, suggestions, and information from people that have had experience in modifying this laptop is very appreciated.

Thank you very much,