View Full Version : g46 backlit keyboard not working

06-19-2014, 02:17 AM
Well i searched the forum and some other sites seems like i`m not the first one who had a problem like this.

I purchased a refurbished g46 from newegg.com on June 10 2014 and backlit keyboard didn`t work.
No flash of lights at start, no driver issue fn-f3 fn-f4 didn`t do anything so i sent it back for a replacement.
Today i received another one and same thing. Could i be this unlucky or someone at asus constantly forgets to plug-in the keyboard lights cable after refurbishing laptops?

Newegg.com will send another one, what should i do if the 3rd one comes with the same issue? Send it to ASUS? I`m sick of sending and receiving already.