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06-20-2014, 01:49 PM
I want a new laptop and my local supply store can get this unit. Seems a tad expensive!!
ASUS G750JZ-T4013H 17.3"FHD,32GB,1T+512G SSD,GTX880M/4G,BRRW,KillerW 11N,BT4,8C,W8.1-64,2YG
My question is, Is this the top of the line?
Can someone explain what the following means in the spec:BRRW,KillerW 11N,BT4,8C,2YG
I'm told I can get either W7-64Bit or W8, Are there still issues with W8 ? or would it be better to stick with W7 ?
Would appreciate any advice.

06-20-2014, 05:22 PM
I'm suprised you haven't gotten a thousand other replies already! :)

The KillerW 11N means your wireless adapter is the Killer series from qualcomm. This generally means that it gets better performance than the usual intel wireless modem, as well as better life. Not only that, but the killer series frequently has a QOS (Traffic controller thingy) that targets gaming, and sets gaming to a high priority over the majority of packets on your device. This in theory would mean higher pings. I believe BT4 means that Bluetooth 4 is just built into your Wireless Adapter, and the other letters I don't recognize...

Other hardware: IS this the top of the line? While there are "better" laptops in existance, this is the Asus top of the line and in many ways can surpass it's "better" counterparts. What makes asus standout to me? Cooling, by far, undeniably, the best cooling. The 880M is the highest end single GPU currently available, though, for about $4,000-6,000 you can get a Dell with two of them. The CPU is the I7 4700HQ, which is in the highest tier of I7's. The difference between it and the I7 4700MQ is that it has slightly better overall performance, but is stuck onto the Motherboard. The I7 4900 performs at 2.8GHz, whereas the I7 4700 performs at 2.4 Ghz. This isn't a big deal to most people, especially if this is only a gaming motherboard. For my uses, (Premiere pro, visual studio, photoshop, etc,) this clockrate is overkill already. That being said, the fantastic cooling that makes Asus standout, allows overclocking of the CPU to make it perform onpar, if not above the 4800, and almost at the level of the 4900. Back to GPU's, as I mentioned, this is the best mobile GPU available, and it performs better on an Asus than almost all other companies. Not only does Asus not have thermal throttling ever occur, it also allows overclocking on the GPU. So I would say this is certainly the top of the line, and theres really no reason to thing otherwise :)

Windows 7 vs 8: Windows 8 does have many differences that are hard to get used to, for example, the "metro UI". There are many new benefits it adds as well, like the many improvements made to performance overall. Many people have better luck in nearly all areas of Windows 8, especially in non-business related areas. If you can't live without the start button - and it's old functions, I would recommend an application like StartIsBack (My preferred) or Classic Shell (Free alternative). With these two modifications, you can get the speed improvements of windows 8, while keeping all your old and understandable design settings. I would also recommend upgrading to windows 8.1 as it fixes many of the under-the-hood issues immediately, as well as remedying some of the usual annoyances.

This is my first time with one of these post ;) Best of luck!

06-20-2014, 06:03 PM
BRRW - BlueRay Re-writable
KillerW 11N - Killer Network Card
BT4 - Bluetooth 4
8C - 8 cell battery
2YG - 2 Year Guarantee ??

06-21-2014, 12:17 AM
Well it is certainly the top of the chain, but it costs more (by around 400$) than the next one (JS) just for the GTX 880m instead of the GTX 870m,
I myself chose the Js over the Jz because of the price and the insignificant difference it makes. I can play all games on ultra settings with the js, devil may cry on 140 fps max settings! so I don't need the 880m.

the thing that you should do at the store is testing your cpu temperature levels. Get an AIDA64 portable and run a stability test if you can and check the max temps reached in the statistics tab, if below 90c, you're safe. Some seem to come with bad thermal compound application which I think is the case with my bad luck, but still even if it reaches that high it won' affect you if you're not using anything that uses all threads at 100% load at the same time like 3d rendering (3d graphics software not games)..

about win 8.1 vs 7,
8.1 has most of the 8 problems solved ps it has extra features that win 7 doesn't have
like it's new memory system which utilizes the memory and minimizes paging (faster gaming is the impact) and the boot speed is crazy, mine takes 5 seconds to fully boot. Metro, if you like it then there is no problem. I find it stylish and it has some nice apps like health & fitness, sports, xbox games.. . If you are a developer you may be concerned about the ability to develop metro apps, well you can only do that on win 8.
the cons of win 8 is that I recently identified some issues like the memory leak when you play a game in full screen with a lower resolution than your desktop's, the game crashes and tells you "your computer is low on memory" and you'll have to close it or it may be forced to close. That is confirmed on more than one game at my end, changed the resolution and it was solved. another issue is, sometimes your memory doesn't free up and you'll end up having to restart to free it up.. other than those two problems are insignificant to mention. and you'll miss the gadgets most of all but there have been some issues with gadgets and that's why they were removed,, still you can always enable them on win 8.

Win 7, the most stable windows so far and I can run it for weeks without problems, the only downside to it is missing the metro apps and the old style ui which isn't much to worry about.

The choice is yours to make,

06-21-2014, 03:19 AM
Many thanks for such comprehensive feedback guys. Noted suggestions carefully.

With such an outlay of $3400 aus for that unit, there's lots to consider and I've also been looking at the latest Alienware 18. A bit more bling but comparable in performance!! (more research required):p

I must also say that reliability and support will play a big part in my decision.
It was a bit disconcerting to read about the guy from Malaysia who has had no support whatsoever:mad:, and I would hope support here in Australia is up to par. I too have had issue in the past with support (OH Carol) and if it wasn't for the ASUS quality and ROG community helping to overcome them, I would probably stay away from ASUS. Strong sentiment I know but never the less valid. I have bought lots of ASUS kit in the past and as yet I've not had to RMA a single part. Maybe i'm Lucky.

Having read many posts in this Forum section, it seems most are happy with gaming performance and although I prefer my PC, I now need mobility, durability and performance to match.

As I have a reliable W7 setup, I'll disk copy to the new system and maybe save a few bucks.

I'm a rooky to laptops,so I'ts great to recieve the help you guys are giving and thanks once again.:D