View Full Version : rog front base grrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

06-20-2014, 04:37 PM
anybody else got a frontbase????? :mad:

after a week of just trying to get all the functions to work i finally got it going. (nightmare!!!) am using a ranger board with a 4770k having a nightmare with the OC function the level up function is putting though way more voltage than it needs. where is it pulling these values from ??????? level 1 4.2g, level 2 4.4g, at level 2 it using 1.35v and even worse than that when i level back down to 3.9g it still putting 1.35v through!!!! i have configured OC profiles above 4.4g in my bios i can use but would like to use the front base. anybody front base experts here???? from what i can see the only good point is i dont have to go back to my desktop or look at my wrist to check the time grrr

please??? anyone????

many tnx


06-20-2014, 05:23 PM
The profiles have to take into account the vast difference between individual CPUs. I have a 4770K that requires 1.280 for 5GHz stable, and another that needs 1.440 just to clock to 4.3GHz. So it is very difficult to have a preset that is going to reflect the optimal voltages for your CPU.

As you have worked out BIOS overclocking is the best way.

The rest I can not really comment on sorry.