View Full Version : Any word on Asus PB287Q Sales in Australia yet?

06-24-2014, 07:13 AM
Hey every ROG Users and Asus members alike (Plus people reading this that arent members ^.^) I was curious and wondering if there be any sales of the PG278Q in sales in the Australian market any time soon?

For some reason the DIY Kit for G-Sync hasn't come around in Australia and only stayed in the U.S. Its Sad how I miss out using the G-Sync features and such since its not in the market sales in Australia yet.

I hope it does though, I would hate to miss out on having a smooth gameplay.. But then again I hope Asus makes alot of these models throughout the market.. but of course I also hope Nvidia is up to speed making more G-Syncs for Monitors such as, this beauty >w<

~Edit~ I didn't type the model right. I meant to put in PG278Q not PB287Q.. Even tho they almost identical just the PB and PG.. are the only ones that are different from each other.