View Full Version : g75vw battery & pluged in

06-25-2014, 07:19 PM
hi all,

I need some informations on the g75vw.

1) Is it normal that, when the g75vw is pluged-in without battery, performance is bad (as if I was on battery without be pluged-in)?
2) This charger is good ? : fa180pm111

I try to understand why with battery + plugged-in : I can play at max on games like dota 2, and when I remove the battery and plays just pluged-in, well my pc slows down tremendously. I can only play in 1280 (resolution) for
to play "normally"... as if I had a "crappy" pc. A shame for a RoG. :)

I need informations from other possessor of G75VW.

Thank you for your help guys :)