View Full Version : G71GX start-up issues

06-25-2014, 09:06 PM
Hey guys I have the G71Gx and about 10 days ago I was using it at school. After I was done I put it to sleep, put it in my bag and went home. Upon arriving home I realized the battery was dead so I plugged it in. Randomly the light on the charger started to dim after turning on briefly. Clearly it was broken, when I tried plugging it in the laptop the lights would flicker then turn off. So naturally I ordered a new charger. Before the charger arrived I decided to plug the charger into the wall to see if the light would stay on, it did this time. I found that weird but I plugged it into my laptop to see what would happen. The lights (on the laptop) would stay on longer then turn off. After that I just left it, waiting for my new charger to arrive.

The charger arrived today, I plug it in and now the lights will stay on but the display doesn't turn on. Its like stuck at that moment you press the power button and the fan starts running but won't go past that. It was working fine at school then stopped suddenly -_-.

So what's the issue? The charger AND the laptop? Thanks guys