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06-28-2014, 10:25 PM
i will try to make everything as clear as possible, well this is a G753S... i always used the disk to restore windows but now i cant

(maybe this caused the problem)
my other laptop stopped working so i decided to use this one to restore the HD from the other so i can use it here. but when i used the disks it said :

"Your disk layout has been changed. AI Recovery needs to partition your disk again. You will lost all your data in your disk if you continue with the data recovery operation."

that message was never shown before on previous system restore in the asus and i was like, well maybe because is another HD is normal so i decided to proceed and put every disk (5 total) once it reached to 100% (the window said "this dvd will help you recover hidden partition. check the ac adapter connection and do no interrupt the restoration process") then it start to do something else i guess its just the second step for the AI Recovery Restore once it reaches to "restore porcenage 4%" (in the second step) it said the recovery failed after like 45 min or so, then it just deleted everything on my HD (i thought well maybe because the asus laptop wasnt able to recognize my other HD and decided to just install a clean windows and installing all drivers that this asus needed. (now it works fine)

but now it happens that when i try to restore the original HD that came with the asus and everything it happens exactly the same that happened with my other HD about te recover hidden partition, reach 100%, then 4% and fails and just to find that it only erased everything on the HD

i cant understand what happened if it was the original HD and i never had problems using the disk repair (and never said things about the layout of my HD has been changed) but now it say this and fail the recovery like it did with the other HD.

my dad want me to repair but makeit in a way that the disk recovery works again (because he need the easy way to do it) so i dont have the option that i used with the other HD about installing a clean windows and downloading the drivers. he want to use the disks that will do everything (but now they are just wiping everything on the HD) always with the same error At 4%

Failed to restore disk from the ASUS (R) Recovery DVD.
elapsed time 1:12:06
error code is: 1029

plz i need help with this.

Edit by cl-Albert: Sorry to jump in here, but ASUS doesn't have a G753S model, so if you get the chance, consider double-checking your model printed under the notebook although may not make too much difference in resolving this issue. Thanks.

06-29-2014, 04:39 AM
It sounds as though your Disk Set may be corrupted? Or your hard drive is failing? Much better Imaging program Macrium Reflect Free Edition will Image your disk and restore to the exact point the image was made!
You Can buy win 7 ASUS restore disk set from the Asus Store $50, I'm not sure that it will create a restore partition or not.
Using your restore disk set on another computer would cause problems as drivers for your computer will be different that what is needed on the other computer and cause conflicts.

06-29-2014, 08:45 PM
thanks for your answer i dont think is the HD, because if i log in with my HD (the first one that i made it work with a windows7 clean install) it still recognize it in My Computer plus if it is working it seems that there was no problem with the HD and it looks like its the same situation for both HD (the problem is that my dad only wants to use the disks set to restore) then if it is a problem in the Disks there is nothing i can do... and im using the asus disk set on the asus laptop the other one

btw if i check the partitions on this hard drive that is not working it has a partition of 21.4 GB or so i thought it was a recovery partition but im unable to use it (if im not wrong it should work pressing F9 when the computer is starting) but it just ask me to select a valid boot option or something like that

06-29-2014, 11:40 PM
This is what your OS hard drive should look like, actually you'll also have a Asus Recovery partition, I clean installed Win 8.1 this is what my disk looks like.38266

Its simple enough to create an image with Macrium Reflect that he can restore any time he needs too.