View Full Version : uefi bios g75vw

07-01-2014, 05:12 PM

The last summer i update with le latest bios '223' and after i restore my old bios '207' on my laptop. Since i've restore my os with the factory preset with tab F9 and now i can't acces uefi bios just legacy bios. How can i do for use uefi bios . Thanks for your answer.

07-01-2014, 05:43 PM
There is no difference the BIOS and UEFI are the same thing. Asus did no write a extravagant UEFI like they have for Desktop boards, for our notebook.

I see you updated to BIOS/UEFI too 223 and then went back to 207? Just curious. Myself I upgraded to 210 and havn't see any reason to update any further as there have been many Bricked notebooks attempting to upgrade to 222 and 223 I don't think I'm missing anything as Win 8.11 Pro WM is running very well.