View Full Version : What I dont like about my VG24QE 144hz monitor

07-01-2014, 09:17 PM
I had this monitor for exactly a year now, and there's a few complaints that make me want to get a different monitor, but the problem is I won't have the advantages this one has.

The biggest problem I have with this


Thats what this monitor always looks like on my desk because the PIVOT mode it does. Why would a gamer buy a WIDESCREEN monitor and put it in portrait mode? Even if thats the desire, they could have made the pivot lock at 180 and 90 degrees so I didn't have to mess around rotating it until it is perfectly level on my desk. People with OCD will want to turn away from this monitor, and theres more people who are like me then people who want to rotate their monitor. Its just very inconeviannt that every time I clean or someone touches my screen, i have to rotate it with a digital level to get it perfect again.

The other issue is "dithering"


go to the blue picture on the bottom.

Anyways fix those 2 issues (just remove the pivot mode or make it "snap" into 2 positions on the rotations, instead of the free 100 degree rotation (it actually goes more than 90 degrees when you put it back into landscape so I can never get it level) and fix the color issues and you should have a good solid product, much better than before.