View Full Version : ASUS G750JM Speaker Problem

07-02-2014, 02:28 PM
Just got my g750jm today, and then I opened some youtube videos but the sound seems unbalance, the right speaker sounds smaller, so I go to realtek hd audio manager and I test the left and the right speaker, the right speaker doesn't give any supporting sound when I play the left speaker, but the left does, I did this by giving all the volume to the left speaker, then I tested the right speaker and the left speaker still produce like a background sound. But as I did this to the right speaker by giving all the volume to the right one, and when I tested the right speaker the right one is completely silence, It doesn't give any background noise as it suppose to. Is this a software problem or hardware? :( Anyone please help me, I'm panicking here.

Just tested again with headphone and the sound is balance, so this is definitely a hardware problem right?

08-23-2014, 04:55 AM
I definitely got the same problem! Same model, just bought my g750 JM like 3 days ago. And when I open youtube, "the bass" or right speaker keep on missing from time to time.

Can anyone help or give a link to fix this issue pls?