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07-02-2014, 07:40 PM
Hello everyone

Since a day I'm an owner of Asus G750JS ( windows 8.1 x64 ), unfortunately after 5 hours my pc decided to stop working, first thing that happened, was long freeze, then I had blue screen ( 2 times ) and since that my asus is working REALLY SLOW, 1 have to wait about a minute to open a file, none of the games work, computer turns on/off very slow etc. All I did before these crashes was downloading and installing Ts3, new Nvidia driver ( 337.88 ) and a game "Guild Wars2" Also, system recovering didnt help ( did it through windows, not asus backtracker )

My question is...
Is there something wrong with new Nvidia drivers ? ( I downloaded mine from Nvidia.com, and I don't think its Gw2 or Ts3 fault, in my opinion its some kind of issue with the driver or GPU )
Are drivers from suggested by asus better somehow ? ( could someone link me the correct website with them ? )
And yes, I'm going to send my pc to the service ( or demand a new one ) because I have warranty, I just want to know what shouldn't I do in the future.

Thank you for the answers and sorry for my bad english.
( I hope its the correct branch/department of forum for this kind of post )

07-02-2014, 08:00 PM
As for the NVidia drivers, there has been several reports with the newest batch of drivers and computer issues afterwards. I don't think anyone has had as bad as an experience with you, but several people have reported issues.

Normally I don't update drivers unless it actually gives something to me. Like these last batches were for like sli in games and stuff in which I don't even play. Plus I never opt in for beta drivers, don't like being a test monkey and putting my rig on the line so NVidia can figure out if the dirvers good enough to be an actual one.

Plus, you should never go to a website for drivers. Just use the NVidia experience panel. That will search for, download, and install all drivers that are complient with your system. Some drivers are straight desktop, some could be for Linux, ect. Use your own software to search and update drivers, that way you know its 100% compatable.