View Full Version : Some problems with the 750JZ

07-04-2014, 04:58 PM

I'm new to this forum (well, as a registered user, I did lurk around for quiet some time). I bought myself yesterday an Asus G750JZ
T-4039D (in case it matters, in essence - 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD 5400rpm, no SSD ,free DOS - the i7 and GTX 880m are obviously normal)

I couldn't buy any OS as it was quiet late and I had to travel to another country to buy it (seriously, from all the nations Croatia borders with - only Slovenia's got a JZ! And only two 4039Ds!). I bought today Windows 8.1 64-bit.

I downloaded some drivers I felt were needed (ATK package, WirelessRadioControl,Wireless Console 3, WLAN_Qualcomm, the 300mb+ gtx 880 driver (which I then had to update to the newest version, for another 350mb).

However I'm still experiencing some problems - it seems that the network is lighting fast when I just search for something on Google. But when I click on a page it might or might not load extremly slowly. For example, reddit loads fast, aswell as pictures, but some forums or sites (for example I had to revert to my old HP ProBook to visit this site and post) don't load at all - I've waited for a couple o' minutes and than Chrome tells me that it couldn't connect - some DNS error supposedly. The weird thing is that this (HP ProBook) laptop works perfectly.

If someone would be so kind to tell me what I've got to do to get a proper connection, I would be very grateful.

Regards, D.M.