View Full Version : Question about CPU temps and what to do.

07-04-2014, 10:12 PM

I've recently experienced some overheating problem with my G750JX when moving over to an external monitor (a.k.a the laptop lid is closed). I experience shutdowns due to overheating when using/stressing the CPU to 100%, temps pending from 96 -98 degrees untill suddenly shutdown (guess it's because of a heatpeak at 100 deg.).
With the lid open i still get temps pending in the same intervall even if the computer in this case "stays alive". When checking the temps it's clear it's just a single core that is going that high in temp (the highest the other three cores goes is 95, but thay are "relative cool" in comparing). As far as i can tell from monitors there is nothing wrong with the fans nether.

My questing is if this is "normal", my first feeling is that this should not be a normal state, and should not be ok as one of the biggest points of the ROG laptops is the "Super cooling system".
Is it worth sending it in on a RMA? I've read alot about poeple getting there laptos back with a "it works just fine" and a nice bill to pay for ASUS testing them out without the heating problem being fixed (bacouse it is a problem).

I know I could always undervolt the CPU to gain a few degrees in the marginals, but I shouldt need to undervolt the CPU in order to gain a a working laptop when using it full out.

For stresstesing the CPU i have used Prime95. I can also add that my idle temp is around 50 degrees (ambient being 22 degrees and computer standing clear on a table).

I'm thankfull for all answers in the search for some knowledge :)