View Full Version : Help with Oc GTX 570 DirectCU II

10-16-2011, 01:52 AM

Can someone please tell me what's the best Asus tool to overclock my card and also the settings, (vcore, memory clock, etc...)

I've never done overclocking on any card, following are my system's specs;


10-16-2011, 03:25 AM
Asus gpu tweak works well....
i think you can dl a copy in the software section...not completely sure, maybe there should be a sticky with gpu/cpu/gputweak/popular benchmark dls at the top of each of these sections

10-20-2011, 12:50 AM
Okay i got MSI afterburner,

Should i just move all settings to high? what about vcore how do i increment that :confused:

10-20-2011, 01:17 AM
if you got to ask........kidding...mostly. If you want a fried card that would be one way to do it. Gpu overclocking is pretty easy but there are risks, frying your card is the worst one.
1)start with raising your cpu clocks NOT VOLTS till your arn't stable. You dont need to increase volts to do this. You want to see what your card offers without adding volts. Most people say 5-10MHZ increases and then test for stable. As long as the temps are good BEFOR trying any overclocking i would say raise it by 50MHZ and keep doing it till you crash your drivers. Once that happens go back 10MHZ untill you dont crash the drivers and then benchmark the card to see it its stable. IMO, as long as you have good airflow and the card isnt heating up prior to starting this you cant do any damage and its alot quicker than the other way...most will disagree. DL and open a program called GPUZ. It will monitor you gpu stats while you change the card settings. You may not know youve crashed your drivers but if GPUZ shows a different (lower) gpu speed than youve set in afterburner then youve crashed your drivers lol. MSI Afterburner will just show whatever you set the gpu speed for but it may not be true (crashed) and GPUZ will let you know if that has happened.

Ill tell you the rest after youve tried this part. Go check your heat with a benchmark utility like 3dmark11 or Unigine. If your not above 85C afterwards then proceed with with step one. If your above 85C you need to work on air managment befor proceeding.

**You can control gpu fan speed using afterburner..use the slider to raise the fan speed to the most it will allow before starting any oc or benchmark**

Ill also say this, this is my way of doing it, its quick and dirty and requires you to know abit about your gpu first. Most raise cpu speeds in 10MHZ increments and then test for a long time to see if its stable.... its consitered the best way. I think most cards should be good for 50MHZ without adding volts and with more volts should get above 900MHZ core pretty easy. IF you can hit 1GHZ youve got a really good card...reallyreally good card