View Full Version : Had to restore g75vx and don't know why

07-07-2014, 06:46 PM
Was playing LoL on my Asus G75VX and all of a sudden the fans started running real loud. This laptop can handle this game no problem. I had actually never heard the fans run no matter what game I played. After the game I noticed that my Netflix pin was blanked out, it had been deleted. So I tried to open windows store and that wouldn't open either. The green screen with logo would just pop up for a second and then minimize. Every tile I tried to open did the same thing. I restarted the laptop and at the start the fan ran really loud for about 20 seconds and still none of the tiles would work. I tried to open "Change PC Settings" and that wouldn't open so I searched for the refresh without deleting files option, but it said that the files had been deleted. Luckily I found a restore date and everything is working fine now. I would just like for this to not happen again. Weird thing is that I was at work all day and laptop was just fine last time I used it. Sorry for how long this is, but I tried not to miss anything.

Ps. Running windows 8.1 fans running the whole time and task manager showed nothing intensive or out of the normal running. Laptop was on for about an hour before any of this started to happen.

07-08-2014, 01:40 AM
What are your GPU and CPU Temps running?

07-08-2014, 03:24 AM
Cpu is 48C and Gpu is 40C. I didn't think to check the temps with any program when it happened, but I picked up the laptop and it felt cool, not even a bit warm. That's why I thought it was so weird for the fans to be running as loud as they were, the laptop wasn't working hard at all.

07-08-2014, 01:45 PM
I'll assume that you have cleaned you filters and used to canned air to blow out the rest of you notebook, I usually just put a stick in the fan to keep the fan from overspinning then give your system a good blow out.

Well then it appears that you have a hardware failure. the fan speeds are controlled buy the mother board there is no way for us to alter the fan speeds. I would advise you to contact cl-albert he can be very helpful with moving your NB through the repair center successfully .

07-08-2014, 03:18 PM
Yeah, I've cleaned it out. Well, since it was a hardware failure do you think it'll happen again? Everything is fine now. I found a restore date from about 6 days ago. Seems to have set everything straight.

07-08-2014, 08:22 PM
Well there you go. I can't image any software that could effect your fan speeds. As they are controlled by your motherboard . except excessive heat maybe someone else has experiences this. I haven't noticed it lately in the forum.

07-08-2014, 09:05 PM
The app problem is back though. Every app I try to open shows the splash screen for a sec, but the app does not open. I found these while looking around and have no idea how to fix them.


07-09-2014, 01:32 AM
Have you tested your hard drive? download the diagnostic tool from the manufactures site. You could be just having a hard drive crash. This is what dropping sectors on your hard drive looks like.

07-09-2014, 04:48 PM
Ran HD Tune Pro and said everything was ok on both drives. Also ran the error scan to make sure and everything is good :/

I would just refresh the computer, but.... I looked around and it seems that with the upgrade to windows 8.1 through windows store will make you lose the refresh and restore functionality.