View Full Version : GX1000 - permanent fingerprint marks issue

07-08-2014, 05:02 AM

I bought last month Asus G750JH and with it also bought GX1000. Although mouse is nice overall I noticed very disturbing thing. After like 3-4 days of using I noticed fingerprint marks on aluminium part. I said OK, lets clean it but marks stayed there. It looks like aluminium changed under heat?? of my fingers and palm.

I am attaching picture. You can see brown spot with violet-blue circle around on the right side where my middle finger is. I tried to find if any others had such problem but nobody mentioned this issue.

For me, it is very annoying and I didnt expect any sign of using after few days. I got cheap Asus mouse with my previous Asus laptop and it lasted 2 years before showing any signs of using.

Is this defect a reason to return mouse back to seller ? Or is it common and I have to deal with it ?