View Full Version : Messed-up G73jw

07-08-2014, 08:21 PM
The other day I opened my G73jw to clean some dust.
After reassembling and trying to boot, there was only a white cursor blinking after post screen. So, I disassembled it again, and noticed the 24-pin cable connecting the hdds to motherboard was a bit broken.

I bought a new 24-pin cable, fits perfectly to it's seat, but is about 3 times longer than the original cable. I still get the white cursor and nothing happens. I still can hear the hdd motor spinning, and I tested my hdds on another computer, they are fine.

Usb-booting works fine, but I can't get any software to recognise the hdds (tried with win7 install disk and Wondershare LiveBoot).

Here comes the worst: I have forgotten my bios master password... Any tips for resetting bios?
Have already tried removing the cmos battery and wiping the cmos with some dos-software.