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07-12-2014, 01:24 PM
I just bought a ROG Tytan G30AB-AU003S pre-built ASUS PC and this is my first ASUS experience. I have so many questions but I can't find any reference to this PC on the Net. Is there anybody using this machine and can explain technical things, please contact me. I need help in understanding this PC.
Initial questions:
1) Is this PC OC locked to 3.7,3.9 and 4.1GHz? I can't find any way to change OC to say 4.3 or 4.4.
2) Can I uninstall AI II and install AI III suite to OC?
3) Where can I find the Microsoft Windows 8 Product ID?
4) Can some one explain if the SSD and HDD are RAID? If so, is it RAID 0? How to find it?
5) When I Run Intel Rapid Storage Technology Program, it says the SSD and HDD are System Disk but no further information is available.
6) When I Run Disk Management 'Disk List view', it shows the SSD is GPT RAID, the HDD is GPT RAID and the CD-ROM is MBR RAID but no further information as to why? If it is RAID 0 then the SSD and HDD is supposed to be Dynamic but it is Basic. Does it mean it is not RAID 0? Then why it shows as RAID in the UEFI BIOS as RAID in 'Advanced SATA Configuration' and the same SSD and HDD is shown as Non-Raid in 'Intel Rapid Storage'? I'm confused!
7) Can some one please guide me step-by-step how to boot from a USB or DVD in this PC?
8) If I want to change the Disk 0 SSD to another SSD with higher capacity and performance e.g. Samsung 840 EVO Pro, what exactly do I have to do to transfer my OS and installed Programs to the new SSD?

Any body faced and solved these problems? Please advise...

07-13-2014, 12:17 PM
Hello there mate.

Download CPUz and have a look see what your CPU is. Once you know that and post up a reply I am sure we can try and help you. Also look and see what motherboard you have (motherboard tab on CPUz)