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07-16-2014, 12:48 AM
Hi everyone. I hope I am in the right section - I need a bit of help troubleshooting my bluetooth and wireless on a ROG G550JK.
So I've got this Razor Orochi 2013 mouse that has a bluetooth functionality. Has always worked fine BUT on this laptop it just won't pair. I go through the whole precedure but no way of having it to work. When I give up and turn it off, using the mousepad of the laptop, it then becomes impossible to use any of the buttons. No way of clicking means... reboot. Awesome. So I've removed the bluetooth drivers to see if it helps and they are two different drivers available from the support page. Intel or Qualcomm. Which one should I take?
Secondly, my Logitech G930 wireless headphones don't get recognized by the Logitech configuration program. Apparently it doesn't like USB 3.0... any thoughts?
Last by not least, my Saitek pro joystick AV8R just goes completely berserk when plugged in... impossible to caliber it - I just get spastic I/O that makes it look like a 200 kg epileptic urangutang on acid is using it to play street fighter. Again what I have read online points to a USB device not dealing with superspeed usb.
So, wow, after getting this new gaming laptop... no gaming mouse, no gaming headphone/mike, and no joystick. Not what I call gamer-friendly.
Thanks to whoever can help.

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notebook section.

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Can you be more specific please?

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