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07-16-2014, 11:38 PM
I'm about 13 pages deep into these forums and I cant find anything about overclocking this processor.

If there is anyone out there kind enough to share their solid knowledge about this process, id gladly appreciate it.

i"ve read that this processor can be OC to about 3.40 GHz or higher.

Before i even attempt this, will I even notice the difference? In high powered mode, i can get about 3.27 GHz steady. I use this computer for anything as simple as searching the web, to complex Photoshop and web design and video editing, and games of course :)

What I know so far:

i should use Intel's OC software. I have that downloaded and installed.

i should increase the numbers slow and steady, and run stress tests.

Overclocking the processor will open up new cores and features etc.

that's all i know.

If any of you explain this to me, i need to know just some small details about the numbers that I'm changing and why.

Also, I've read in the past that if you OC your processor then you have to do the same for your memory and your GPU.

under volting memory; what is that?

idk, im a fast learner. if you explain with at least some strong key words in could at least look them up on google to find more about it.

i'm asking on these forums because someone here has the same computer as me, im sure :) and id like some good numbers to start with (i know not all computers are the same)

also, my JZ is new but everything checks out to be very solid but not to long ago i read about thermal paste? this is something that im not willing to do at this point. will it be a mistake to OC with out it?


07-17-2014, 07:03 AM
Wr3ckloose, here are some good posts/threads for OC.

Performance help hmscott or anyones advice and suggestions please

Asus GPU Tweak for Laptops vs Asus GPU Tweak for Graphics Cards

Can't OC GPU after updating nvidia geforce drivers to 340.43 (BETA)

Guide for Overclocking Maximum Stability & Performance for CPU & GPU.

G750jm - 860m gpu stable oc. Clock @ 1097 & memory @ 1389

3dmark - New Skydiver test Sponsored by Asus :)

TCP Optimizer - Reduce lag, Increase throughput
Having the latest Windows 8.1 updates, which we have been waiting for for such a long time, is key to getting the best most stable performance.

G750 support areas - The JM download area has the latest of all the G750, with JS/JZ next, the G750JW/JX/JH are out of date:

Here is the latest Notebook Audio - for G750 => Realtek driver package Version V6.0.1.7235

Here are the latest Notebook Bluetooth drivers

Here are the latest Notebook WLAN drivers

Here are the latest Notebook LAN drivers

Notebook Asus SmartGesture

Notebook ATK Package

Asus GPU Tweak for Graphics Cards, currently at release for the G750JW/JX/JH

Asus GPU Tweak for Laptops, currently at release v1.0.9 for the G750JS/JM/JZ

Here are the Asus posted VGA drivers, it's better to get the latest from Nvidia - currently 337.88 / 340.43 BETA, except for the JM/JS/JZ owners you probably want to keep using 332.60 to avoid random crashes - as reported by a lot of people.

07-17-2014, 07:36 AM
Before I'm ready to try something like this, I'd like to know what I'll get.

If I'm seeing 50 FPS on a particular game, what can I expect to see after I get everything overclocked?