View Full Version : Anybody Hooked-Up Three Displays to their G750/G750JZ?

07-17-2014, 02:52 PM
Hi Folks:

UPS tracking tells me my G750JZ is on a delivery truck. Today's the day!

For me, three displays on a driving or flying simulator is almost magic.

Movement entering my peripheral vision seems to rush, unfiltered by my realization that I'm sitting in a static environment, into my subconscious to make me feel I am moving.

In it's way, I find three monitors more convincing than an arcade simulator that rocks and vibrates the seat and controls.

Has anybody hooked three 1280P displays to their G750?

What happens to to the frame rate of a 60 FPS one screen experience when the laptop is driving 3 displays, with 3 times the pixels?


07-17-2014, 04:00 PM
You should be ok unless you're playing a very demanding game. Then you'll get a huge drop in FPS. No 1280p display here... If you want 3 screens for gaming, I recommend you build a desktop with crossfire or sli, or 3 independent video cards (one per screen). There aren't that many games that support 3 screens however, so it would be overkill.

07-18-2014, 02:09 AM
im not sure, but make sure you post a picture after you set it up. i gotta see this.

07-18-2014, 04:58 PM
Hi Wr3ckloose:

I didn't say I was going to do it, just curious.

However, others have.

Google "3 monitor gaming". There's lots of stuff.

Here is the first YouTube clip I found. It illustrates the concept well I think. He says he's using a single GTX 680 to drive 3 monitors at 60 FPS in a driving game.


Of course, you'd have to be there to get the effect.

Obviously, three monitors isn't the most common setup, but enough people are using this configuration to be supported by the industry. Asus advertises this feature. GeForce and AMD both support multiple monitors in this configuration. Some video games support it.

Do they still have video arcades? I haven't been in one for 15 years, that was in a section of a bowling alley. I'd encourage you to look for a video arcade and see if they have any 3 monitor flight or driving simulators. It's worth a couple of bucks to see what it's like.