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07-17-2014, 10:53 PM
Bought a G750JS a week ago and just received a VG248QE to have the perfect Asus gaming experience. Now the VG248GE can run at 144hz and has some interesting gaming specific features. I've been told that to use these features you must connect the two via a Display Port cable. Considering these advanced gaming capabilities are the sole reason to buy the VG248QE it is rather curious that the unit does not come with a Display Port cable. A trip to Best Buy gets me a Mini DisplayPort to DVI (G750) adapter and a DVI to Display Port adapter (VG248QE) for the other end. Here's where the fun begins. When in Win8.1 desktop Intel graphics will feed the G750 and the VG248QE extended screen only if you connect to the monitor via DVI in and not the Mini Port. Apparently the Intel chips will not output via the Mini Port as the monitor does not detect any signal. So using the monitor interface you change the input to Mini Port and the screen goes black. You then add the DVI to Display Port adapter to the mix and connect to the monitor but nothing happens because you are still in the desktop and with Optimus, the Nvidia 870 is not enabled to function as the full time GPU. Nvidia experience does recognize DayZ and based on fan acivity does seem to be doing its job when connected to the VG248 via USB to DVI adapter but that only gets me 60hz.

There is not a word in the Asus G750 User Guide about what is needed to output the Nvidia 780 rapid refresh rate features. There is not a word in the Asus VG480QE user guide about what is needed to enable it's 144hz features. And did I mention Asus did not provide a Display Port cable.

So right now I have a high end Asus gaming laptop built around a high end Nvidia GPU connected to a high end Asus gaming monitor and a high end gaming experience to show for the hard earned money I'v spent has yet to be seen.

By the way I'm guessing the only thing the monitor has going for it is the refresh rate , which I've yet to experience, because at 60hz what it produces for an image is pretty awful.

So if anyone can provide some guidance on how to get this combo to work I'd appreciate your input.

07-18-2014, 02:35 AM
Well for starters the only reason a nice 144hz monitor is really going to shine is when you have the gpu power to push 144 frames per second. I think with a gaming laptop a nice isp 60hz 2ms monitor would have been great for gaming. I found when using dvi to anything it reduces the signal and wont allow you to get the refresh rate desired. I believe you will have to run straight dp to dp or buy a model that supports dvi with a lower refresh rate but same response time. The fact is if you cant push around 144 fps to begin with you wont see a huge difference. The frustration would be if you were getting a steady 40 fps on a 144hz monitor, just my 2 cents.

07-18-2014, 03:51 AM
The G750JS Gaming Notebook has outputs of: HDMI, VGA/d-sub mini displayport, and mini Displayport.
The VG248QE has inputs of: HDMI, Dual-Link DVI, and Displayport.

HDMI runs at 60hz, so you won't be able to get 120/144 hz out of that. This leaves you with two options:

1. Mini Displayport to Displayport Cable (Displayport has enough bandwidth to drive the display at 144 hz)

This is your best bet for driving the display at 144 hz and getting the performance you want out of your monitor and GTX 870M.

2. Thunderbolt to Displayport/DVI-D

It may be possible to get 144 hz out of this configuration. The only downfall is that Thunderbolt is an Intel technology and is probably connected to your Core i7 integrated GPU. This means that you will not be getting the performance you want as it is not utilizing the GTX 870M.


Buy a male to male Mini Displayport to Displayport and use it.

07-18-2014, 11:33 AM
"Buy a male to male Mini Displayport to Displayport and use it. "

Could not find a simple Mini > Displayport cable around here but only Mini Displayport and Displayport adaptors and ended up with a Mini Displayport > DVI > Displayport connection which gave no Displayport signal. Must have lost something in translation. The Mini Displayport > DVI adaptor combination does deliver a DVI signal but it is 60hz. So I will take your advice and Amazon a direct Mini Displayport to Displayport cable and give that a shot. Should have it on Monday which means it will have been five days after receiving the VG248 before I find out if it actually works.

One would think a monitor whose primary feature is delivering a 144hz refresh rate would come with the cable that is required to enable this feature. In addition, a few lines of text in the G750 and VG248 User Guides that address these cable specific high refresh rate connection issues might enable the user to actually use these products as intended right out of the box. Instead, days pass in frustration and one has to rely on the good graces of this forum's contributors to obtain the basic product information that Asus apparently does not feel obliged to provide.

Thank you for your help.

07-18-2014, 01:21 PM
IF there would be a cable with the monitor it would be display to display and no mini display to display so you would end up getting one enny way.

07-19-2014, 03:51 PM
When i ordered and received the asus VG27HE 2ms 144hz lcd it came with the proper dvi cable to drive the 144hz refresh rate and surprised yours didn't. They make it clear a standard dvi cable would not work but if i wanted to drive it with a DP that didn't come with the monitor and would have had to buy one. I assure you using a mini dp to dp will work just fine its just adapters break down the signal forcing it to default to 60hz and thats something you dont want. Below i wanted to post a few benchmark pictures to give you an idea of performance you will get from the 870m and if a 144hz lcd is even necessary if you you wanted to get a bigger 60hz with the same performance. Ive always said that if the gpu's cant drive 120+ fps then why would i have a 144hz monitor.







Now as you can see at the high point you might see a little above 70 fps but in most cases you see below 60 fps. Now if you ask me you wont see a difference between a 60hz and a 144hz when the game is running at below 60 fps. I just wanted to maybe enlighten you a little to better assist you in getting the most for your money when you might be able to get a nice larger panel for the same price because its 60hz. The fact is if you get get near or hit 144 fps then you wont see the difference in smoothness in game but that's just my 2 cents.

07-22-2014, 02:46 AM
Got the direct Mini Displayport < Displayport cable and it works...what a relief. Interestingly the setting to select 144hz is in the Intel control panel. I understand the earlier FPS / refresh comments but even though I was clocking @ 50fps in outdoor settings and @30fps in city interiors, the image quality boost from 60hz to 144hz was huge. Played with it in DayZ SA and while inside a Piano house, from across the room I could clearly see the paint brush strokes on the opposite wall. Had never noticed that before. Did some visual range tests with another player and at a measured 50m I could see the strap detail on his Hunter backpack. Attached is a screen grab of a portion of the Menu welcome page. The graphic settings are set to Normal or Low with AA and PP disabled.