View Full Version : G74SX wouldnt turn on with ac adapter!

07-21-2014, 05:39 AM
Hello everyone,

I got this issue with my computer after many other issues that I had dealt with since I have bought the unit. Let me try to explain.

I use my computer like a desktop computer. It sits on a cooler and battery is always disconnected unless I am going to move it somewhere else.

Long story short, I was playing a game and the computer was on ac adapter (battery is not in). it shut itself down randomly. I tried to restart it and it wouldnt start. I decided to put the battery in and it worked. Here is the interesting part; battery indication light shows that the batter is charging while the ac adapter is connected but it is not being charged. The computer would not start while only the ac adapter connected. Whenever I try to turn it on while the adapter connect, orange light blinks and nothing happens. The computer works fine when I put the battery in. I tried to do hard reset by holding the power button for 45secs while the adapter and battery wasnt connected.

I ordered a new power adapter and waiting on it. Since my computer is not in warranty anymore I did not bother sending the unit in. I just want your opinion about this situation; what can it be? just a dead adapter or something worse like motherboard is messed up? One more thing; when I turn the computer on while the battery connected, and connect the adapter battery light turns red which means it is charging but its actually not.

Kindly waiting for ideas.

Thank you.