View Full Version : Price Check - Upgraded G55WV

Almost Tactful
07-24-2014, 07:50 AM
Hey guys! I'm looking to get a G750 with the 880m in it and I'm curious what my G55 would go for. Here's what it's got...

3610Q CPU
GTX 660m
16GB RAM (I bought matching sticks)
128GB SSD in Main Bay
750GB HDD w/Optical Bay Replaced
Windows 7 64
1920X1080 Matte Display

As far as the condition, it's in pretty good shape. The outer lid is showing some wear (kinda let down by the quality my G74 seemed better for the lid) and I have 1 dead pixel about 1cm above the taskbar in the bottom left corner. It runs like a champ (does a cold boot in under 10 seconds) and I've never had a single hardware issue with it. Temps are cool (80 CPU and 65 GPU max) and it's been an awesome laptop, just time for something bigger =)