View Full Version : G74SX: What does this all mean, when running an SSD ?

07-27-2014, 02:07 AM
Trying to decide what size HDD to get, but trying to figure out my max total size...

Current Setup:

- Bay 1: 180GB INTEL SSD
- Bay 2: Seagate 750GB
- Optical Bay: WD 160GB <-- Looking to replace this one

ASUS Spec: *1 : dual HDD support up to 1.5TB / Solid State Hybrid drive up to 1TB

With not having a Hybrid drive but a full SSD drive, where do I stand ?

With my current setup I have a total storage of 1090GB (1014GB usable) currently.

Which option falls into Asus Spec:

1) 750GB HDD + 750GB HDD + 180GB SSD (since the SSD is not a hybrid or HDD) = 1.5TB Plus any size SSD ?

2) 750GB HDD + 500GB HDD + 180GB SSD (250GB max SSD size) = Mix of SSD and HDD, but staying within 1.5TB total ?

3) I would think 1TB max doesn't apply since I am already at 1090GB (1014GB usable) ?

4) Does Optical bay storage size matter ?

5) Is the 1.5TB limit for bay 1 and 2 only and the Optical bay (still a SATA port so I assume no) is unlimited ? SSD in bay 1 + 1TB in bay 2 + 1TB+ in bay 3 ?

Sorry for all the questions, but there is a lot of variables and couldn't a lot of info on this subject....

09-03-2014, 07:13 PM