View Full Version : G750JS new owner - to do questions

07-29-2014, 10:04 AM
Hi all , just got the above machine and so far so good , I have done the following since it arrived .

Used backtracker to make a recovery key

on 2nd drive I have deleted partitions and made just 1

updated bios and all drivers I can find on driver site

removed most of the bloatware that I don't think i'll use , installed preferred AV etc

Used XTU and adjusted voltage as per the guide ( nice tip , knocked ~ 10C off stress test load temps ) , not overclocked as it copes just fine so far

With all that said is there anything else I should be doing / have done / deleted / installed ?

Also the Asus live updater didn't find hardly any of the updates on the site is this normal as if so it seems pointless to keep it as its not doing what I believe it should .

And lastly is there a way of monitoring temps and / or adjusting fan profiles , I tried Afterburner which I use on my desktop but as this is Win 8.1 there are no gadgets I can use with it like Win 7 .

Any advise appreciated , beginning to wonder why I have this huge desktop although its faster , the 750 still plays BF4 at acceptable frame rates etc , just waiting for Bluetooth kb and mouse to arrive and will give it a full session to see how it holds up ( I'm not going to pound this expensive keyboard with an FPS when I can just use a cheap Bluetooth job ;) )

07-29-2014, 04:51 PM
Sounds like you did the right things!
Most ASUS stuff I don't use either, except the fast charger.