View Full Version : G51Jx, which 24 inch monitor recommended?

07-30-2014, 08:24 PM
I want use a external hdmi 24 inch monitor for my notebook.
I found a Iiyama ProLite GB2488HSU 120/144 Hz gaming TN monitor, 1920x1080.
Should it work all right? Does it run 60/120/144 Hz?
What is the max resolution?

It must be prepaired to the future.
I want to by a newer/faster notebook or a gaming computer in the future.

08-14-2014, 10:04 AM
That one is so cool.

08-19-2014, 07:23 PM
Will this Iiyama ProLite G2773HS-GB1 27inch monitor work fine with my Asus G51Jx?

01-08-2015, 11:31 PM
That one works fine. Prepaired for the future. Resolution is 1920x1080, but max refresh rate is 60 Hz with G51jx.