View Full Version : Thinking about replacing G750JW's Optical Drive...

08-02-2014, 03:13 AM
Hi guys, I'm new to disassembling my laptop. Actually, I disassembled it a while back when I upgraded the two RAM sticks below the keyboard. What got my interest was that the Optical Drive (which is the built-in DVD Writer) can easily be taken out with a screw.

Ok, this is my first laptop. I only used and upgraded a desktop before.

I'm wondering if I can replace the DVD writer with a Bluray writer instead. Are there any brands that you guys can suggest? Are there any complications to this (like is there a specific thing I should look for when buying; for instance the RAM should be 1.35V DDR3L)?

08-14-2014, 02:45 AM
Any 12.7mm optical drive should work. I just bought one from Chinese online store - everything works fine.
There are threads here on that problem, and there are videos on the net on how to install it.

08-14-2014, 03:17 AM
Any laptop ODD should work. You will need to remove the faceplate on the drive installed in your laptop and put it on the replacement drive.

Really anything should work. it just depends on what you want your Disc Drive to be able to do.