View Full Version : Any known issues with G550?

08-02-2014, 07:24 AM
Hello All,

I'm thinking about upgrading my GS53 to a G550, because the system ran so great when I first got it but I've had so many hardware issues with the GS53 I'm just ready to get rid of it. However, the ROG still seems to offer a great value and I wanted to know if there were any known/reoccurring issues with the 550.

I had to send my GS53 for service 3 times for the pin braking off in the power connection and the adapter. I also had to re-paste the processors and replace a fan and STILL have to occasionally use a magnet for the display to come back on. The system is awesome, when it works, but I feels like I spend so much time repairing it rather than using it.

I'm hoping that ASUS has taken a lot of those learnings to improve their new designs, but I really wanted to hear if anyone has had issues with their rig before I drop the money for another maintenance nightmare and not really be able to enjoy a great system.

Thanks in advance for any input!