View Full Version : [ASUS G750JW-DB71] żGood laptop for programming?

08-06-2014, 10:03 PM
ĦHello people! , soon i will start computer science in the university , so i was thinking to buy a Asus G750JW.

What do you think guys , i read some about the linux/unbunt and i don't see problems with this laptop., so , its a good option for programming and that stuff?.

Thanks! . :)

PD: Sorry for the english.

08-06-2014, 10:14 PM
Congrats on your new major! You'll probably be doing basic programing, and the heavy stuff, you'll be logging remotely into a server with several cores (depending if you do any research too). Any computer should be fine...

Prostar Computer
08-06-2014, 11:14 PM
You won't have any Linux based support from Asus, so be aware of that! When it comes to driver support from the Linux distribution you will use (I'm guessing Ubuntu), be sure to check out the Linux forums/community for driver support. The laptop will likely work fine under Ubuntu, but it's a good idea to ask around (like you're doing here) before you spend so much money. :)

08-07-2014, 12:36 AM
Thanks Maxter!.

Well , the principal problem is in my contry the cost of PC are SOOOO HIGH , so , i was thinking to buy a really a good laptop outside like in USA (because i live in Venezuela.) Them i "found" the ASUS G750JW-DB71 , a gaming laptop (so it won't explote like hp one) and it will need a lot of years to become obsolete.

So Prostar Compuer , żdo you think that programing in unbunt maybe will be a problem in asus?

08-07-2014, 04:09 PM
This laptop should last you YEARS! my last ROG G1S lasted 6 years before it took a poop and I had to buy this new one (which, by the way, is build better). The G750 series is solid.

There are threads in this forum that tell you where to get the drivers for Ubuntu. From my understanding, there are people doing dual boot Win8 + Ubuntu stable.

08-08-2014, 07:09 AM
I am doing Computer Science third year and my G750JW is my primary laptop.
We use ubuntu for python and C and windows for Java and Visual Studio (C#, C++ and VB).
The G750 is great, I have installed an SSD which means Visual Studio 2010 + 2012 open almost instantly.
I am running ubuntu in a VM thanks to VMware and it is great, I get +-3.5 hours batter life with the VM running and closer to 4 hours in windows.
Apart from the laptop being a bit big and bulky, I cant fault it. They keyboard took a bit of getting used to but I can now touch type almost perfectly.

Enjoy it!