View Full Version : G75 randomly shut down only when i clic on programs

08-07-2014, 11:59 AM
hi, i am getting some troubles with my ASUS G75VW-T1432H ( still in warranty 1 yo +)

First , the computer just came back from the asus RMA for an other issue ( the computer suddenly froze and then could'nt boot, it asked for a restauration, the few times it restarted the explorer just crashed few seconds later and i was unable to acces to any disk and metro was out of order ), now i just get back the computer, totally formated, and the RMA changed the graphic card , the first issue seems to be fixed BUT now i have an other issue , randomly, when i clic on any program, it can be the razer synapse, firefox, a game or when the computer load w8 at login , the computer just totally shuts down as if i unplug the computer and i hear a sort of *clic* . i checked temperatures to see if the brand new graphic card is not overheating, but neither the CPU ( 50C) nor the graphic card (40C ) overheat, and i doubt that the razer utility or firefox overheat it. i insist on the fact that the computer DO NOT shut down when it stays as it is, if i don't launch any new program, it never shuts down, it cames back correctlu from sleep mode and hibernate is unchecked.

if someone have any clue on what is hapening in this computer?


08-07-2014, 02:20 PM
cl-Albert pm this guy he can help with a successful RMA

08-31-2015, 08:40 PM
hello guys,i buyed a asus rog g75 vw laptop 1 month ago,and my laptop shuts down every 2-3 days...any solutions ?