View Full Version : NOTE: G750 OS Drive on motherboard Port 0

08-12-2014, 05:15 PM
I noticed that on my JW, the original HDD came on bay "A". So when I installed my new SSD, I placed on bay A and the HDD for storage, on bay "B".
This morning, I went into BIOS for sh1ts and giggles and noticed that Bay "A" is labeled as Port 4 and Bay "B" ir Port 0. I switched the drives around and placed the SSD (OS Drive) on bay "B". Now the BIOS reads the OS Drive as in Port 0 of the MoBo. The computer runs twice as fast!
WTF?! Is this a problem for everyone? why did they install the main HDD on Port 4?

Check your model out and comment.


10-19-2014, 11:31 PM

I've noticed the same thing about the changing to port 0 but in my case it just stopped working in that bay.

Have you something to change it?


10-20-2014, 08:15 AM
"The computer runs twice as fast!" hmm, interesting.
when i got mine (G750JX) it had the SSD in Port 4 and HDD in Port 0. it didnt run for long enough originally to do any speed tests (1 day before i had to complete format, recovery partition did not work)

i changed the main OS SSD to Port 0 and have a second SSD for storage in Port 4 (sometimes for efi booting) as for me multi-booting it is easier to keep track which is which (the 2 SSDs are both the same Crucial)

i have the original 1TB HDD in the dvd bay now and that shows up as Port 2.
where is Port 3 then...

seems like Asus put the OS drive in the wrong slot for both our models?

p.s. would be helpful if everyone put their model and config in their sigs, hint ;)