View Full Version : ASUS G750JZ vBIOS update (with link)

08-13-2014, 12:12 AM
A new vBIOS is on line in the Live Update for the GTX 880M.

vBIOS comparison:
Version: 80.04.F4.00.07.(P2053-0002)
Date: 04/17/14

Factory default
Version: 80.04.F4.00.02.(P2053-0002)
Date: 03/04/14

Release notes
Optimize MS Hybrid

Method A
Just run ASUS Live Update, it will show up as a recommended update.

Method B
In case the update does not show up on Live Update for some reason or if you just don't want to install Live Update, I have prepaired an alternative way to flash the vBIOS.

Just download the .rar file from here (virus free): ASUS G750JZ vBIOS update (https://www.mediafire.com/?xkr5aydxp5c6vf6)
After download extract the file, the password is "iloveasus".

After you have extracted the content either run "install_new" or "install_old" depending on if you wan't to update to the new vBIOS or roll back to the old one.
I have tested both, first I installed the new vBIOS, then I rolled back to the old one and now I am using the new one again, so both .bat files are working.

Please note:
Because of Optimus, the NVidia GPU is offline by default and nvflash can not write to the EEPROM because of this, so the NVidia card can not be accessed. In other words, before you run one of my .bat files, you need to force the NVidia GPU online, you can use any program for this. Under Win7 I use GPU-Z, because while that is open the NVidia GPU is kept online under Win7.