View Full Version : Blu-ray software for G750JW - solution inside

08-14-2014, 03:08 AM
Just upgraded a DVD to BD combo, and bumped into the same problem as everybody else - pre-installed AsusDVD version doesn't play Blu-rays. Spent few hours on experiments and reading, and finally found a solution - free, convenient and (hopefully) legal.

I almost bought WinDVD after trying few free non-working solutions, but I am too greedy and too curious to pay just like that.

So, what I finally found. It's not a secret that there are installers for all pre-installed can be found on your laptop. But what's interesting - that you can find something that is kinda hidden.

C:\eSupport\eDriver\Software\Cyberlink\ - here you can find not only lame DVD-only version, but also an advanced version:

Not sure is it a mistake or it is supposed to be so, but it is a working version that can play Blu-rays. I tested it.
Initially it says "You need to update this software to continue using it" or something like that, but you can still use it, it says so just once at the very beginning.

There is a Canadian version of G750JW (which costs like 100-200 more than "normal" version) that includes BD drive. Perhaps that's why this installer can be found on G750JW hard drive.