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08-19-2014, 06:14 PM
I know not a asus g750 problem here, but hoping someone could have some input.

y original surface pro just pooped out on me. So best buy gave me in store credit, which is fine as that's where id spend it. So I picked up the new surface pro 3 256gb i7 8gb ram and touch cover.

Now, it is better than the first one in every way and a great device in its own.
But the keyboard isn't the same as a laptop as its not a clamshell. But I use the pen a lot to and its great. But as of today, onenote for android is now full fledge, so my galaxy note 10.1 can now be used for what my surface was 'needed' for. Yet the surface is still awesome, and is better than the galaxy.

But, I cant help but think that maybe, I should go quality ultra book instead of the surface. Even without the pen, the surface pro 3 is a just great device (this is all my opinion, and its my question/thread). So, I have the surface pro 3, but I can still return and get my money back and buy something else. It has to be bestbuy which limits it slightly.

My thoughts on possible upgrades, but still leaves me to edge with keeping the surface pro3
small, thin, light, touchscreen big plus, battery, screen, and keyboard (all need to be top notch)
i5 at least, 8gb ram wanted, 256gb wanted (really want/need to be able to open it up and upgrade if needed/wanted), 13" seems like a great size but 11-14 would probably be good to, battery 8 hours minimal, 1080p must 3k bonus, keyboard needs to be great and backlite, and around 3 lbs

-Samsung ativ book 9, i7 256gb 8gb ram
--this thing from what ive read, seen, felt, and reviews on is like the ultra book to beat
---so far this is my top consideration for exchanging the surface pro 3 for

-Acer aspire s7, i7, 256gb 8gbram
--thing is great, but just edges below the Samsung

-Lenovo yoga pro 2 i7, 256gb, 8gb ram
--great book, great screen, still tablet
---but just feels cheap, mediocre battery, just not up to snuff with either surface pro or the samung/acer

Is there anything else out there that I missed? I know asus makes some nice stuff, but not thin/light/and good battery.

Now if theres anything, knowledge of, experience with, other notebooks to think about, anything. Please feel free.
Best buy credit is worth $1800. Can go less, can go more (don't really want to go more, but honestly at this point why not)

Like I said, this is my daily go to device, my sidekick, carry with me, device. Means, notes, web browsing, ect, light video/picture editing, light coding, light rendering.

I have a beast pc at home for major stuff, and I have a msi gt70 dominator pro set up for mobile workstation for portable heavy stuff. This new device is going to be my small/light/companion.

08-19-2014, 08:10 PM
Edit, I've just found the Asus Zenbook ux301.

Biggest con here, is that Best Buy only offers the i5 variant, and at $1750. They don't have the i7 with iris graphics for $1900 that amazon/newegg/ect has