View Full Version : G750jw, black screen and won't boot. No BIOS Screen.

08-22-2014, 11:20 PM
I left my ASUS G750JW running on battery power last night and this morning... black screen and won't boot. No BIOS Screen.

1. It powers on. Fans don't spin.

2. It shuts off and on normally, on Battery Power.

3. Pulled all ram out, put in one stick of good memory, same results.

4. Pulled out CMOS battery, same result.

Any ideas? the machine does not seem to even be loading bios.

08-23-2014, 08:35 PM
It powers itself on as soon as you plug in power supply, which makes me believe the MB is bad. I guess I will part it out since it's not really worth fixing, these prices for motherboards i am finding are more than half the cost of the laptop itself.

08-25-2014, 11:44 PM
if it powers on, MoBo ok. Seems your battery is the issue. Can you run it with no battery? Is the battery charging?

08-26-2014, 06:22 AM
The battery LED is amber and appears to be charging with AC plugged in. The power button lights up and so does the LED in front. No fans spin, no display.

On battery power, the laptop is completely dead.

08-26-2014, 08:52 PM
I let the computer charge overnight. This morning I noticed the battery charge indicator was blinking.
I can see the battery possibly being bad, but the computer should still turn on with just ac power, should it not?

I'm wondering if something overheated while the battery was discharging due to the power management in windows. Seems plausible.

08-26-2014, 09:25 PM
Turn on your laptop, if you only see the CAPS LOCK or NUM key on then your motherboard is burned and needs replacement.

The same thing happened to me after 6 months of owning my previous G750JX had to week 7 days till they got me a new motherboard

08-27-2014, 02:47 AM
The only thing that is getting power is the power button, the front LEDS and the DVD drive for a split second when powered on. Everything else is dead.

It's doesn't run on battery power, the laptop turns itself on when plugged into ac. I am thinking the fault is in the power circuits on the board itself.

08-27-2014, 06:48 PM
The blinking battery light means that there are issues with the battery. Once the battery is charged, the amber light will turn to green. Do this: Remove battery and keep AC plugged. Does computer work? If so, you just have a faulty battery.

08-27-2014, 09:36 PM
Thanks for the reply. The results are the same. I do know the battery fully discharged when I left it accidentally unplugged overnight.
The next day when I went to turn it on, it was dead.

I noticed the power strip that it plugged into sparks. I think I might have found the cause. Maybe an outlet is not grounded...

Either way, I have two options. Replace or repair.

I am a A+ tech, I reached out to these boards to see if perhaps one of you guys might know something strange about these laptops that I may not.

Thanks for all the help.