View Full Version : ASUS G53JW Black screen but HDMI working and video cable replaced

08-30-2014, 11:31 PM
Hey guys,

The title says it all for the most part. I am extremely frustrated with this damn laptop with parts of it laying all over the place now. Basically, I performed the DC jack repair after the stupid pin broke off in the brick's plug. I desoldered and put a new one on and reassembled and thought I was home free. But lo and behold, I got the wonderful black screen problem I've read so many posts about here!

I had pulled some of the cable header apart on the LCD cable that connects to the board (since the header is taped together crappily) so I assumed I messed up the cable. Well, I ordered another one off eBay and pulled the LCD assembly apart to attach the new cable. I didn't quite put everything back together so I wouldn't be wasting my time disassembling again. I did attach the LCD cable to the motherboard and the other end to the LCD. I also put the tray on top of the laptop where the power button rests and attached those ribbons to the motherboard to power it on. I did not reconnect the webcam, wifi antennaes or touchpad. I still get the black screen!

Plugging in an HDMI cable and hitting ESC and Fn F7 gives me my grub bootloader erroring out (probably because the other hard drive is missing, I only have the C: SSD plugged in), but it shows that the laptop is alive, but headless. I can plug in the keyboard with its ribbon cable and type stuff. DC jack is working of course since the battery charges.

Stuff I have tried so far to get my screen back:
1) Removed CMOS battery for 30 minutes and laptop battery
2) Reconnected the LCD cable many times on both ends
3) Run a magnet over where I think the sensor in the touchpad is after reconnecting the touch pad (futile, I know)

I have not messed with the GPU or CPU in anyway during disassembly here or modding, and I have no reason that they are screwed up in anyway way or I wouldn't get HDMI output. If ANYONE has a solution to this issue, please let me know. I am pretty close to declaring this laptop comatose permanently. I guess it was fun for the 3 years I had it and I won't be buying another ASUS RoG if this thing dies like this. These are TOO expensive to be dying from cheap little parts and poor build quality.